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The most important step to acquiring a commercial property is the Due Diligence.

Talk with Peter Hermann Part 5

Learn why you should use options and delayed settlements on this talk with Peter Hermann. This will give you tips on buying and selling properties without having to spend too much money.

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Talk with Peter Hermann Part 4

A continuation of the talk with Peter Hermann, we go in-depth with options and settlements when eyeing properties. Make yourself knowledgeable on when to use options or delayed settlements.

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Talk with Peter Hermann Part 3

A lot of people invest in commercial properties without knowing how to do it properly. This often leads to loss of money and may even be damaging to you. Peter Hermann discusses the steps and methods to avoid losing too much money and making large profits.

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Talk with Peter Hermann Part 2

One of the keys to success in commercial property is being knowledge and being willing to think outside of the box. Watch me and Peter Hermann discuss some of the most important ways to take note of when entering commercial property investment.

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Talk with Peter Hermann

Learning to make good deals in and delayed settlements is important when you want to make good profits out of commercial real estate. Watch as we discuss various small topics on credit lending and many more.

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$50,000 Deals and MORE

Flipping and chunk deals are great strategies to use in commercial properties. Learn purchase prices, what you should put in and their potential for growth.

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The most important step to acquiring a commercial property is the Due Diligence.

I’ve only been dealing with Mish for approx. 2 weeks. During that time Mish has been both encouraging but also held me accountable. This has been an enormous help and confidence building at the same time. I know that Mish will guide me in avoiding the common(and not so common) mistakes, but in a very practical way. Thoroughly recommend Mish as your mentor/coach with a laugh as you go.

Andrew Ford

Mish has been so amazingly helpful towards our commercial property hourney! Nothing is too much to ask. she is so very knowledgeable and always provide such great insights to purchasing commercial property. Thank you Mish for always making the time, I’m so vert grateful to learn from you!

Lilian Li

In only the first few weeks Mish has helped me to focus on my goals and create momentum by taking the first few steps on my commercial investment journey. I have full confidence that ther no bull approach will get me into action to reach my goals.

Peter Stewart

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