Client Testimonials

Mish has helped countless people earn passive income through high yielding commercial real estate, read their success stories below.

Mish has been very helpful to us on our commercial journey. Her knowledge is priceless. A great coach giving us guidance through the maze of deals in the market by being able to point out weaknesses and streangths of the deals we are looking at. Thank you Mish 🙂 !

Andre Idea

Mish is extremely knowledgeable and encouraging, she is very professional and has so much experience! She also has a brilliant team of equally experienced people around her, all professionals in their field whim she works closely with – And they are all worth their weight in gold! Mish’s ability to guide, encourage and give that sometimes needed extra boot up the behind is invaluable 🙂 I feel excited to embark on mu Commercial Property journey with Mish as my coach! Thank you Mish, for your support and endless knowledge – you are a star 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Philippa Bennet

Mish is incredibly knowledgeable in her space and is always more than happy to share knowledge (both good and bad) from her experiences. She’s also super responsive, and always willing to jump on a call. Very grateful to learn from Mish. Alastair Dart

I would like to say thank you for helping us look into our commerical properties. It’s alway good to have a second pair of eyes to picked up on things we didn’t see.
We especially feel grateful for your tips on negotiation and that helped to reduce the purchase price


I would like to say thank you for helping us look into our commerical properties. It’s alway good to have a second pair of eyes to picked up on things we didn’t see.
We especially feel grateful for your tips on negotiation and that helped to reduce the purchase price

Alinh and Han

Mish started coaching us mid-May and within a month we had an offer accepted, another month for going unconditional and will settle next month! We’re always learning from her – she loves to share her knowledge in a very easy and systematic manner! Professional, approachable and meticulous, we recommend Mish to help you with your commercial journey Pareet Sanghavi

In only the first few weeks Mish has helped me to focus on my goals and create momentum by taking the first few steps on my commercial investment journey. I have full confidence that her no bull approach will get me into action to reach my goals.

Peter Stewart

Very friendly, helpful and knowledgable person to deal with. She will tell you straight and provide you with practical suggestions suited to your specific situation to move forward with. I would recommend Mish who are looking into building their property portfolio.

Frank Wong

Hi Mish, Thank you for your time on the phone today re sourcing a tenant. It was helpful, and I appreciate it. Ill let you know when I place them!

Jesse Middleton

Mish’ expertise is first class and she is passionate about helping others achieve their financial goals Gary Francis, 2019

Highly recommend. Very knowledgeable and knows her trade. Keeping me on task in my commercial journey Mandy Buchanan, 2019

I’ve only been dealing with Mish for approx. 2 weeks. During that time Mish has been both encouraging, but also held me accountable. This has been an enormous help and confidence building at the same time. I know that Mish will guide me in avoiding the common (and not so common) mistakes, but in a very practical way. Thoroughly recommend Mish as your mentor /coach, with a laugh as you go. Thanks
Andrew Foard Andrew Foard, 2019

Fist in the air ‼️ Thank you Mish for making this transaction came true. Settled our 1st commercial property today. Closed to $40k cashflow positive this year after all outgoing and interest payments.. Foong Koh-Buckland, 2019

At the beginning of 2018 I started becoming aware of commercial property as a potentially better investment strategy compared to residential property, at least in terms of promising better yields. I attended a short seminar and was convinced that I wanted to buy some commercial properties.

However, when I started researching what to buy and where, I quickly found it a time consuming and somewhat overwhelming task. At this time, I was very fortunate to have been introduced to Mish Daniel. She reinforced my beliefs in commercial property, but came with a wealth of real world experience in actually doing it. I quickly realised the benefit of having her on my side.

Mish presented me with several potential commercial properties based on her analysis of my current position. The one I decided to pursue was in Brisbane, selling on a 10% yield. I live in Sydney so Mish very kindly viewed the property on my behalf, sending back photos. It looked great!

Mish assisted me in preparing the offer to purchase and I was eventually able to negotiate to an amazing 11% yield. Mish also recommended a commercial property solicitor and helped me throughout the entire due diligence process.

I was pursuing finance on my own, but with the tightening banking regulations this process was dragging and it looked like I was in danger of losing the deal, great as it was. It just seemed too hard and it felt hopeless and frustating. Again Mish offered support, words of encouragement and even other finance brokers to contact. As it turned out, my bank eventually came through with the finance in the nick of time.

In summary, Mish Daniel helped me every step of the way. My plan is to buy more commercial properties and I will certainly be talking to Mish again when that time comes. Paul Street, 2019

I had no idea about investing in commercial property before I met Mish.

She took the time to listen to my concerns and understood where I was coming from. She was more then willing to go out of her way to help me to get a clear understanding of the process and that I wouldn’t be left alone. She held my hand through the entire process. We explored several properties while she explained them to me.

4-5 months later and I am now a proud owner of my first commercial property and we are still chatting on a regular basis. The relationship doesn’t stop there as mish is still checking in to see how things are going and if I there’s any concerns I am told to feel free to contact her anytime.

Thank you to you and your team of experts for all their help. Without you I would have never been able to accomplish this huge process and I am looking forward to our next property deal. Matt, 2019

I wanted a commercial property to balance my portfolio but didn’t know where or how to start. Mish came to the rescue! We started with an in depth introductory call so that she could consider all my wants and needs. I’m sure she even took into account my personality type. She went above and beyond with her search, in-depth research and negotiations. Is was such a stress free process for me that I would do it again.

Leanne Foreman, 2019

Mish has given me a perspective that I didn’t have before. She has provided knowledge, and practical solutions, every time. Mish has taught me techniques on how to build and grow. She has a lot of knowledge to offer and is always understanding and helpful. Toby, 2018

Mish is abosolutely fantastic – you can’t go wrong with her.  Helen and Jason Bolton, Sydney

Great job Mish and your team. The driving force behind any product &service is the great people behind it. Selling yourself is priority. David Brighton, April 2018

Mish is an inspiring person. We have had a total upward shift thanks to Mish. I can unequivocally state that Mish has been one of my best mentors. We have grown immensely with her. And continue to learn under her skilful guidance. Shaheen Foncesca, Perth WA

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