Mish Daniel

I assist people who are time poor, or just don’t know where to start. I help you to fast track your portfolio, and earn cash flow from day one.


Mish Daniel began her passive portfolio in real estate from the age of 22 years old. She skilfully accumulated 28 properties in 29 years. While running a vertical manufacturing business which she founded in 1999, supplying a range of national clients until 2014. She moved out of manufacturing in 2014 to start a new life, full time in Real estate. Ms Daniel has, renovated, flipped, developed and kept properties for profit.

Ms Daniel has spent the last 30+ years teaching, coaching and mentoring students, colleagues and her staff from grass roots into senior management positions. With her exceptional ability in systems, management, mentoring and her passion to assist people to achieve their goals and ambitions, she is now following her passion by moving full time into two of her greatest loves, property and mentoring.  Ms Daniel works with clients on their personal goals, in their respective paths, assisting them to maximise their cash flow passively through Commercial Real Estate.

In recent years Ms Daniel has consolidated her portfolio to mainly good high yielding commercial properties, while she continues to add value to others, coaching eager “ready- to- market” students and client into the commercial real estate space.

Each Time One Person Shares Their Wisdom, Another Person Is Strengthened.

Mish has dedicated her life to mentoring, and assisting students, colleagues and staff from start up’s into self sustainable portfolio’s. Mish works with clients on achieving their personal goals, and to grow their portfolios.

Mish has now consolidated her portfolio to a hand full of good high yielding commercial properties, while she continues to coach eager “ready- to- market” students into the commercial real estate space.

By connecting with collaborative people we grow our networks and theirs.

I believe it’s a starting point to strengthen our relationships and strong foundation. Good relationships are built through face to face engagements, meeting people getting to know them, like them and ultimately trust them.

I feel promoting myself to a select few people, is better than bird shot to all. Getting to know people through common grounds, helps me to provide them with the same tools and support that I now have.

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